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In the News ...

Catherine Deneuve is selling her Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe – but that look will never go away
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

The designer dressed the actor on and off-screen for decades. Although Deneuve is auctioning those outfits at Christie’s, they continue to inspire the likes of Versace and Burberry

Paris fashion week isn’t Paris fashion week without a sighting of Catherine Deneuve. In an ever-changing cast of nubile starlets, she is always there. Wearing a black patent-leather peacoat over a black polo neck at the Saint Laurent show, a year ago. Crossing the cobblestones of the Louvre in kitten heels to enter the Louis Vuitton show last September. Five minutes before the show is due to start you will likely find her outside, having a nonchalant cigarette; after it has finished, look backstage amid the gossip and the champagne.

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Donald Trump's 'slenderizing' fashion trick? Long ties
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

The president encouraged Chris Christie to wear a long tie to appear thinner, the former governor wrote in his book

Wear black, stay away from loud patterns, stick with vertical stripes. There are dozens of tips and tricks to wearing clothes that will make you appear slimmer. Turns out, Donald Trump has his own: wear your tie long. Very long.

Related: Chris Christie accuses Jared Kushner of political 'hit job' in explosive new book

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Milan men's fashion week: 10 key collections - in pictures
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

Frankenstein’s monster at Prada, teddy bear coats at Ralph Lauren, a take-over of Milano Centrale train station… Here are the menswear show highlights for autumn/winter 2019

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Swaddled by David Beckham in a £5,000 blanket – does this dog have the dream life?
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

Meet Olive Beckham, the celebrity dog draped in Louis Vuitton, who might just be the luckiest pet around

Name: The £5,000 dog blanket.

Age: A little over a year old.

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Brexit T-shirts: artist Jeremy Deller sums up in two words what millions are thinking
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

Deller’s sweary protest T-shirts are a welcome blast of humour into the stagnant Brexit debate

When I was a teenager in the 80s, we all had badges – “Don’t blame me, I voted Labour” badges, and “Protest and survive” badges (an anti-nuclear slogan, riffing on the government information films, Protect and Survive), and badges with a great big smiling sun on them, the beginning of climate consciousness. (My cousin once pulled a policeman in a nightclub, and when she put her coat on and he saw the badges, he wouldn’t go home with her.)

Then political accessorising fell way out of fashion, until now. Anti-Trump sloganeering dominated the last New York fashion week, while we have anti-Brexit merch.

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The 'no-buy' movement: could you give up buying clothes and beauty products?
Posted on Sunday January 13, 2019

With the fashion industry’s environmental impact under scrutiny, there’s a move to eschew new stuff and wear what you already own

Splashed out in the sales? Cashed in your Christmas gift cards? The average Briton spends more than £1,000 on new clothes and shoes each year, according to the statistics agency Eurostat – and many are shelling out much, much more. But with a focus now on the environmental impact of the fashion industry, some of the bloggers, vloggers and influencers who cut their teeth sharing details of an endless array of new clothes and products, are changing tack – enter the “no-buy” movement.

The idea is simple: instead of buying new clothes or beauty products, you make a commitment to use the things you already own. Some people, such as the beauty blogger Hannah Louise Poston, sign up to a “no-buy year” – and document their progress in much the same way that they once tracked their purchases. Others pledge not to buy for a few weeks or months or opt for “low-buy” options with a strict spending cap. A subreddit thread named MakeupRehab, offering tips and support for those undertaking not to buy new products, now has more than 50,000 subscribers.

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The edit - Chunky women's trainers
Posted on Saturday January 12, 2019

From suede sneakers to bejewelled platforms, women’s trainers have never had such pizzazz

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The best corduroy pieces for all ages – in pictures
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

Forget its geek reputation, because corduroy is a frontrunner for the season’s most versatile look. An oversized jacket looks relaxed with a pair of overalls or a jumpsuit, while a blazer can be layered over a T-shirt for day and a slip dress at night

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How to wear: smart-cold | Jess Cartner-Morley
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

One can’t neglect standards just because the mercury dips. It’s too bad for morale

The trickiest dress code to get right isn’t smart-casual, it’s smart-cold. Smart-cold doesn’t get printed in invitations, but it is an unspoken dress code with which you will almost certainly have to grapple over the next two months. One can’t neglect standards just because the mercury dips. It’s too bad for morale.

It goes without saying that keeping warm is the most important issue here; smart-cold is never about shivering or wearing fewer clothes. But if you abandon all sartorial coordinates and dress only for warmth, piling on random layers and hats and scarves and gloves, you end up lumpy and bundled and chaotic. Snowman-who-got-dressed-in-the-dark is not a good look, and streamlining your outfit can help you feel more in control of your battle with the elements.

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We love… six fashion fixes for the week ahead – in pictures
Posted on Saturday January 05, 2019

Loewe’s new menswear range, socks to put a smile on your face and Scandinavian label Ivylee’s first UK shoe collection… Fashion fixes to invest in this week

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How to wear: ankle boots | Jess Cartner-Morley
Posted on Friday January 04, 2019

Interesting ankle boots turn a midi skirt or cropped trousers or jeans into an interesting look

I am starting to see what the Victorians meant about ankles. I have a bit of a thing for them myself these days. And it’s not just me: right now, they are a much-appreciated erogenous zone, sartorially speaking.

Ah, excellent point. You’ve noticed that you can’t actually see my ankles. But here’s the thing: you can see that I have ankles. Bear with me. What I mean is that you might notice my ankles, even though you can’t see them, because my skirt is of a length that shows ankle, rather than leg, so it points to these rather eye-catching boots. If I had been wearing this skirt five years ago, I would probably have worn it with dark-coloured high heels, because it wouldn’t have occurred to me to make ankles a focal point; but in 2019 it calls for a jazzy ankle boot.

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The best shirts for all ages – in pictures
Posted on Friday January 04, 2019

Give a classic shirt a styling update by teaming it with a V-neck dress, culottes or cowboy boots

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Work it out: 10 of the best sweatshirts for men - in pictures
Posted on Tuesday January 01, 2019

Whether you are hitting the gym or not moving from the sofa, a sweatshirt is the go-to piece of kit

*Prices correct at time of publication

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Sportswear brands expand men's yoga ranges
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

Rising popularity of yoga classes with men has led brands to transform their collections

Ever keen to bend to the latest trends, sportswear brands are now tailoring their yoga collections – historically geared towards women – to include menswear.

This week, Nike launched its first yoga-specific collection, including a menswear range in “a nature-inspired colour palette”, which features long-hem T-shirts and slim, straight shorts designed to stay in place during inversions.

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Colour comeback: sunshine-yellow and fashion chemistry on the Golden Globes red carpet
Posted on Monday January 07, 2019

After the 2018 blackout, red-carpet stars revived vintage Hollywood style – though protest flared with many wearing ‘Time’s Up x2’ bracelets

Lady Gaga is not the first actor to wear Valentino on the red carpet, but she is probably the first to dye her hair blue to match her gown.

The award-season buzz that began around A Star Is Born last autumn pleased fans of fashion almost as much as it did movie fans, because of the intriguing prospect of seeing the world’s most fearless dresser on the biggest red carpets of them all. And Gaga’s first big moment as a nominated actor did not disappoint – at least on the fashion front.

By the standards of Gaga, who wore a dress made of raw steak to the MTV awards and red latex to meet the Queen, the periwinkle-blue Valentino ballgown she chose for the Globes was a relatively tame choice. Nonetheless, with a train longer than its height, the grandest of puff sleeves and a coordinated pastel up-do, it was a dress to steal any show.

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Topshop's decline marks the end of the high street's golden age
Posted on Tuesday January 01, 2019

The chain that democratised British fashion has lost out to Instagram and online retailers

2018 was not a vintage year for fashion. The crisis-hit House of Fraser and an embattled Marks & Spencer made headlines, as did a rising tally of planned store closures, and accompanying job losses, deemed necessary in a turnaround plan for New Look. The Orla Kiely brand, famed for its geometric prints, went into liquidation in September, while Dolce & Gabbana ends the year under serious pressure, having been dropped by important retailers after a racism scandal shipwrecked a fashion show planned in China.

But the most significant downfall to impact on the culture of fashion is that of a store still very much open for business. The undoing of Philip Green, and by association Topshop, is a watershed moment for British high street fashion.

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Bright future? Fashion's watershed year as it moves from waste to woke
Posted on Monday December 31, 2018

As new brands begin to tackle social and environmental harm, a more sustainable future awaits

From Meghan and Harry’s wedding to the Dolce & Gabbana debacle in Shanghai, 2018 was a big year for fashion. But it may also be remembered as the year people finally took notice of the negative environmental and social effects of an industry that’s been allowed to get out of control. And it’s hard to do this without recalling what happened in June, when we learned that Burberry had been burning £28m worth of its clothes, accessories and beauty products to safeguard its brand.

Insiders already knew that H&M was burning excess stock, but to discover that the luxury sector was at it too made many question the industry as a whole. The same month, Mary Creagh, who chairs the Commons environmental audit committee, announced she would be investigating the sustainability of the fashion industry.

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Groundbreaking designer Joe Casely-Hayford dies age 62
Posted on Thursday January 03, 2019

Fashion guru who came to prominence in the late 70s, whose outfits adorned stars from Lou Reed to Bono

The fashion designer Joe Casely-Hayford has died aged 62.

Casely-Hayford, who had had cancer for three years, was considered to be one of the great British designers of his generation. He became well known and highly sought after in the late 70s for his bespoke tailoring, which he deconstructed to give a streetwear sensibility.

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David and Victoria Beckham paid £30m despite falling profits
Posted on Monday December 24, 2018

Fashion business owned by former Spice Girl suffers 20% fall in profits on rising turnover

The company that runs David and Victoria Beckham’s business empire paid out £30m to the couple, along with former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, despite profits falling by a fifth.

The Beckhams and Fuller each own a third of Beckham Brand Holdings, which in turn owns Victoria Beckham’s fashion business and the David Beckham brand. Accounts from the company show that of the £30m declared in dividends, almost £19m was paid out in 2017, up from £10.2m in 2016.

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‘Precious works of art’ – Akira Isogawa’s unique fashion celebrated in retrospective
Posted on Thursday December 13, 2018

A major new exhibition showcases the 25-year career and creativity of the talented Australian designer

When I arrive, Akira Isogawa is halfway up a ladder adjusting one of his garments on display at Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Science (MAAS). Fellow installers cluster around him, listening intently to his instructions. He’s dressed entirely in black, from his round black-rimmed glasses down to his long flowing trousers, and his black hair streaked with silver is folded into a neat ponytail.

We move to a studio area next to the exhibition hall, where inspired museum visitors will be able to create their own masterpieces. Isogawa is softly spoken and laughs frequently at himself, but as he directs a colleague installing a nearby mood board, it’s clear he knows exactly what he wants.

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What to Make of Miuccia Prada’s Opinion on Cultural Sensitivity?
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily ahead of her Mens F/W ’19 show, Miuccia Prada—patron saint of Intellectual Feminist Fashion—decided to sound off on the era of cultural sensitivity we live in, bemoaning that “anything one does today can cause offence.” She went on to say, “There can sometimes be a lack of generosity […]

The post What to Make of Miuccia Prada’s Opinion on Cultural Sensitivity? appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

What’s in a Pop Name? How Toronto’s Raffaela Weyman Settled on RALPH
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

The Internet has taught us that there’s a simple process for choosing a successful pseudonym—and it’s usually a combination of the street you grew up on, the name of your first pet, your birth month and what you ate for breakfast this morning. Sadly, out in the real world, this model doesn’t always work. When […]

The post What’s in a Pop Name? How Toronto’s Raffaela Weyman Settled on RALPH appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

10 Natural-Looking Mascaras for Everyday Wear
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

The internet is rife with reviews touting the best mascaras, but so often the criteria is based upon which one will yield the most dramatic effect. There’s the thick tubes that promise maximum volume, the crescent wands that guarantee extra curl and the spiky bristles that pledge you your longest lashes ever. And while there […]

The post 10 Natural-Looking Mascaras for Everyday Wear appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Want to Detox at the Miraj Hammam Spa?
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

Ready to shed all the toxicity of 2018? Well, there’s no better way to start off your new year and ring in zen vibes than a relaxing spa detox. We’re giving one lucky follower a day at Toronto’s Miraj Hammam Spa, where they will enjoy the benefits of a slimming body wrap that uses warm clay to […]

The post Want to Detox at the Miraj Hammam Spa? appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

From the FASHION Archives: The Uncanny Prescience of Yves Saint Laurent From the Winter 1982 Issue
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

Since its launch in 1977, FASHION magazine has been giving Canadian readers in-depth reports on the industry’s most influential figures and expert takes on the worlds of fashion, beauty and style. In this series, we explore the depths of our archive to bring you some of the best fashion features we’ve ever published. This story, originally […]

The post From the <em>FASHION</em> Archives: The Uncanny Prescience of Yves Saint Laurent From the Winter 1982 Issue appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

8 Under-the-Radar Movies of the Past Decade
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

If the Oscar buzz and post Golden Globes high have you craving some must see movie options, but you’ve already seen all the top films of 2018 — and you’ve seen all the award show favourites and blockbuster darlings from the past ten years. Here are some of the cinematic gems you might have missed. […]

The post 8 Under-the-Radar Movies of the Past Decade appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

What’s the Deal With Ties at Awards Shows?
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

An unusual event occurred at the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards last night: a tie. And not just one, but two. Lady Gaga and Glenn Close tied as winners in the Best Actress category, for A Star is Born and The Wife respectively, and Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette tied for Best Actress in a […]

The post What’s the Deal With Ties at Awards Shows? appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Everything We Know About Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Royal Baby
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

On the morning of October 15, Kensington Palace dropped some major news: Meghan Markle is pregnant. It was a big announcement, and it left us asking a lot of unanswered questions. Will the Royal Baby share a birthday with its royal cousin? Will the Royal Baby be a Prince or a Princess? A Lady or […]

The post Everything We Know About Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Royal Baby appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Celebs Sure Love Hedi Slimane’s Celine, Even if Critics Don’t
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

Hedi Slimane‘s first collection as creative director of Celine (RIP accent aigu) was awaited by critics and fashion buffs with a fair bit of hostility. But even so, no one was quite expecting the backlash that flooded social media moments after his debut hit the runway. Reviews from fashion writers were swiftly unleashed and let’s […]

The post Celebs Sure Love Hedi Slimane’s Celine, Even if Critics Don’t appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Everything We Know About The Final Game of Thrones Season
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

When HBO announced the premiere date for Game of Thrones Season 7, they invited fans to watch a live-stream of melting ice. It took two failed videos, a team of fire throwers, and over an hour for the date to ultimately be unveiled—and still, 3.2 million people tuned in to watch. For the eighth and […]

The post Everything We Know About The Final <em>Game of Thrones</em> Season appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

The Definition of Glass Skin and How to Achieve It
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

If there was beauty look that stood out among the A-listers who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes last week, it was the glowy, luminous glass skin. With its roots in the K-beauty world, the term is used to describe a face that’s so plumped with hydration and reflective that it positively gleams and not in at […]

The post The Definition of Glass Skin and How to Achieve It appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

These Celebs Are De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

Many campaigns have worked to normalize the discussion around mental health (Bell’s Let’s Talk and CAMH’s One Brave Night among them). But one thing that really reaches the masses is when a celebrity speaks out about his or her struggle to spread the message that it’s OK to have mental illness; it doesn’t make you […]

The post These Celebs Are De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

10 Instagram Famous Teens You Should Follow in 2019
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

Being a teenager is a struggle on its own right, but these 11 talented teens seem to have skipped the obligatory awkward phase. From dancers, to models, to YouTube stars, these are the teens you should be following on Instagram in 2019. View this post on Instagram all white👀 A post shared by OLIVIA JADE […]

The post 10 Instagram Famous Teens You Should Follow in 2019 appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

The Meghan Markle Look Book: Every Outfit She’s Worn
Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

From easygoing ripped skinnies with a white blouse at the 2017 Invictus Games to her unexpected Givenchy wedding gown that was the epitome of understated elegance, the newly-anointed Duchess of Sussex sure knows her way around a pleasant outfit. Her fashion choices have captivated audiences across the globe, and all we have to say is, breaking […]

The post The Meghan Markle Look Book: Every Outfit She’s Worn appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Everything That Upset the Internet This Week
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

What is the web-o-sphere angry about this week? A fashion spread inspired by a late poet, a film director with a habit of flashing his penis and Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage Valentine’s Day collection. Here’s everything you need to know. A Resurfaced Sylvia Plath Fashion Spread Features a Gas Stove THE STORY: The Internet has unearthed […]

The post Everything That Upset the Internet This Week appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Chanel’s 3-D Printed Mascara Brush Is a Wand That Is Unprecedented
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

In the age of crowdsourcing and incredible technological advancements, beauty brands are able to learn exactly what consumers want and quickly get to work. But one category that hasn’t seen much change in recent years is mascara. It has long been a makeup kit staple, but now, due to the popularity of lash extensions and […]

The post Chanel’s 3-D Printed Mascara Brush Is a Wand That Is Unprecedented appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Brothers Are in the News—For Very Different Reasons
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

At some point today, it became known that James Middleton, brother to one Duchess Kate, had switched his Instagram profile from private to public. With that knowledge came a collective round of social media stalking in offices around the world, if headlines in TIME, Vanity Fair, The Cut and Cosmopolitan are anything to go by. […]

The post Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Brothers Are in the News—For <em>Very</em> Different Reasons appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Here’s All the Fashion News You Missed This Week
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

The Breakout Star of Gucci’s Latest Campaign is a Teacup Pig Gucci has just released a campaign for their latest capsule collection celebrating the upcoming Chinese ‘Year of the Pig’, and naturally, the most captivating models hail from a porcine background. Shot by photographer Frank Lebon, the campaign features a number of pigs, which I […]

The post Here’s All the Fashion News You Missed This Week appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

8 Earrings that Look Just Like Meghan Markle’s
Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

Ear climbers are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to put a twist on minimalism and get noticed — even if you’re a Duchess. Just yesterday, Meghan Markle stepped out looking sophisticated in a a slim black Hatch Collection dress from Shopbop, a khaki Oscar de la Renta trench coat, and Gianvito Rossi cow […]

The post 8 Earrings that Look Just Like Meghan Markle’s appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

Writer, Director, Star — Catherine Reitman is a Real Life Workin’ Mom
Posted on Thursday January 10, 2019

Catherine Reitman is living that working mom life—hard. She is the showrunner on CBC’s comedy hit Workin’ Moms (which she produces with her husband Philip Sternberg); she also writes and directs for the show. Oh, and stars on it. In addition to her show baby, she has two little ones at home. (She also pops […]

The post Writer, Director, Star — Catherine Reitman is a Real Life <em>Workin’ Mom</em> appeared first on FASHION Magazine.



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Affordable Designer Jewelry - Engagement & Wedding Rings
DAWGS Footwear | Shoes, Sandals, Boots | Free Shipping* – USA DAWGS  
Women's and Men's Shoes, Boots and Sandals
Veteran-Vetted Premium Tactical Gear. U.S. Elite - Veteran-Vetted Premium Tactical Gear. Veteran-Vetted Premium Tactical Gear. The best place to get for Arc'teryx LEAF and Salomon Forces. Free shipping for orders over $99 and free returns. 
Hip hop jewelry, bling bling, and iced out jewelry at the lowest prices anywhere. HipHopBling.com offers an enormous selection of hip hop jewelry including grillz, diamond watches, hip hop chains and more. Fast shipping and low prices. Hiphopbling.com provides hiphop fans with the lifestyles of the rich and famous rappers at everyday low prices; hip hop jewelry, iced out jewelry, bling bling, grillz, real hiphop jewelry, gold grills, custom hip hop jewelry, bling bling jewelry, diamond watches, iced out hip hop jewelry. 
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Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC 
Discover the full Closet London collection, with beautiful women's clothing, dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses all lovingly designed and made in London.  
Shopping Online
T-Shirts. Hoodies. Sweatshirts. Mugs. Phone Cases. Tote Bags. Pillowcases. Tank Tops
Stylish, professional & cool styles for Men. Find tops, bottoms, suits, outerwear and more.  
 Fashionable & Trendy Plus Size Clothing. Addition Elle offers fashionable and trendy plus size women's clothing, including plus size lingerie, plus size jeans and plus size dresses. Shop online now! 
CANADA. Plus Size Clothing - Stylish & Trendy Plus Size Fashions
Jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, hats & more for all NHL, NFL, MLB & NBA teams
Sunglasses for Men, Women & Kids. Shop designer sunglasses for men, women and kids from the most popular fashion brands at Sunglass Hut. Free Shipping on all orders! 
Volleyball products for men and women of all ages
Historical (Period) Costumes, clothing, collectibles, and armor for sale at Costumes and Collectibles including medieval, Renaissance & Pirate costumes. 
Islamic clothes for men & women. Online shopping store for best quality modest Islamic clothes for men & women. Shop for custom lengths and sizes of fashionable Muslim dresses. Muslim dresses, buy islamic clothing...
Buy custom and ready to wear women's dresses online. Find pants, skirts and tops for women...16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 26W, 1X, 2X, 3X, XL, Plus Size, Custom Size and Custom Style, Plus Size, Custom Clothes
Halloween costume ideas. Get fast shipping and price match guarantee on costumes & decorations. Bring your Halloween costume ideas to life with our exclusive styles.
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Buy the latest womens & mens fashion clothing at affordable prices, including plus sizes, dresses, swimwear, accessories and jewelry and other vintage styles with free shipping ... rose gal, women's fashion, vintage style, shop clothing, women's clothing  
Paul Fredrick MenStyle Enjoy Year Round Savings in Paul Fredrick’s Clearance Section up to 85% off - SHOP NOW! - A thoughtfully crafted collection of classic menswear - updated for today. Quality dress shirts, dress clothes & business attire, always at a sensible value.
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Clothing, Rain Wear, Accessories for Kids, Toddlers, & Babies ; kids clothing, kids rain wear, kids backpack, kids umbrella, kids rain coat, kids rain boots, kids gloves, kids mittens, kids hangers, toddler, baby, infant; Kidorable delights both children and the adults who love them by transforming every day, functional kids accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play. 

Herren. Damen. Kinder.
U.K. Home & Country Department Store
Goodwin Smith | Bucking Good Shoes. Home to hand-crafted men’s shoes since 1928. Buy online today and choose from our wide range of brogues, boots and Oxford shoes. Free UK delivery 
Sell or Trade in Video Games
Shoes: Women's, Men's, & Kids' Online Shoe Store.The best name in online shoes for men, women, and kids! Great discounts and free shipping on athletic shoes, boots, running shoes, and more. 
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BRASIL- Roupas Femininas, Vestidos, Sapatos, Blusas, Calças, Saias, Moda. Novidades. Vestidos. Roupas. Sapatos. Acessórios. Fitness. Lingerie. Moda Praia. Moda Online Feminina! Compre vestidos, sapatos, blusas, acessórios e roupas femininas em até 6x sem juros! Entregas para todo o Brasil.
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Diecast model cars. Replicas.
 Apparel & Accessories
WOMEN'S Apparel & Accessories 
Travel Accessories. Luggage Sets. Suitcases. Purses. Travel Bags. 
With the largest selection of cool hats & caps for men, women & children, hats is the online hat destination of choice. Shop all the latest styles and trends.  
Wide selection of trendy fashion style women's clothing. Affordable prices on new tops, dresses, outerwear and more.  
Men's Shoes. Women's shoes.
Historical Costumes | Swords and Weapons - Museum Replicas. Shop Museum Replicas historically accurate medieval weapons, swords, knives, steampunk clothing and renaissance clothing for LARPing & Cosplay.  
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Trendy Fashion Designer Brand for Curves & Black Girl Magic. A lifestyle brand for shapely, fashionable, stylish women who love to express themselves. Best designer clothing for curvy women. We promise the perfect fit for curvy women with shapely HIPS, THIGHS, and BACKSIDES.  
US Sports Memorabilia, Autographs, Signed NFL, MLB, NBA . Buy sports memorabilia, autographs & signed gifts from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. Find baseball, football, basketball, hockey autographed jerseys. 
Gay Store. Lesbian Pride Jewelry Gay Ring Necklace Bracelet Gay Shop Apparel Flags LGBTQ Store Merchandise Pride Store & Lesbian Shopping. LGBT Shop Gay and Lesbian Pride Jewelry & Merchandise, Gay Rings. Gay Pride Bracelets Lesbian Rings Gay Necklaces Gay Shop 
Lingerie, Sexy Lingerie, Sexy Bikinis, Sexy Costumes. Sexy lingerie - Shop dedicated to providing the best selection of sexy lingerie, sexy bikinis, plus size lingerie, sexy costumes and stripper shoes that are sexy, erotic, exotic and unique.
Dress to Express - Online Style Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Online Style Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Shop for the latest online womens dresses, sweaters, outerwear, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches & accessories.
Children's placemat featuring a fun flower shop. Fine Art for kids.  
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Cheap Special Occasion Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Accessories & Shoes for Hot Sale Online
Cheap Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Special Occasion Dress online for Sale. Cheap fashion dresses and online shopping women clothing. Now, all Women Dress, Tops, Outerwears, Shoes and Men Clothing For Cheap Sale! 
15,000+ of the best Halloween decorations, group costumes to outfit the whole family, couple costumes and costumes for the lone superhero in every size. Gather your building pieces for your next Cosplay outfit or burlesque session from selection online. 
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Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - DX Free Shipping Worldwide
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High Heels. High Heels Sandals. Platform Shoes. Sexy Boots. Sexy Lingerie. Stockings, Bodystockings, Pantyhose. Sexy Costumes.Wigs. Clubwear and Sexy Dresses. Exotic Dancewear. Sexy Panties and Bottoms. Sexy Bras and Bra Sets. Breast Forms. Breast Enhancers. Leather Clothing. Latex Clothing. Patent & Vinyl Clothing. Bikinis and Swimwear. 7 Inch Fetish Ballet Shoes. Phermones. Sexy Lingerie. Fetish Fantasy: Cuffs, Collars, Crops and more. Shapewear Men's Hott Underwear. 
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Love's Body Sexy Panties. Sexy Bras. Bedroom Girl - Sexy Lingerie. Sexy Jewelry. Sexy Dresses. Clubwear. Swimsuits. Sexy Workout Wear. City Girl - Sexy Casual Clothes. Sexy Accessories & Things You Love. Erotic Beauty Products. Clothes for Guys Plus Size. Formal Wear. Sexy Shoes and Sandals. House Mom: Stripper Gear. Adult Products 
Women's Fashion Clothing. Free shipping Worldwide No Ninimum Order!
Live Life On The Beach | Women's Fashion Swimsuits & Bikinis. To inspire confidence and beauty through redefined and affordable fashion.  
Buy Discount Authentic Brand Name Watches at cheap prices at Discount Watch Store. Watches on sale up to 90% off. Free shipping in the USA. 
Shop for thousands of custom and personalized gifts for all occasions and recipients. Choose from custom signs, personalized pub gear, gold dipped roses, gift baskets, gourmet bakery, wine gifts and many more unique gift ideas. Free personalization and fast shipping. 
Fine Tuxedos | Tuxedos For Sale Online | Men's Formal Wear  
Russian Winter Hats, Nesting Dolls, Samovars, Watches. Custom made Russian ushanka fur winter hats, handcrafted matryoshka nesting dolls, electric samovars, exquisite tea glass holders, vintage watches, shawls. The highest quality Russian gifts and souvenirs. 
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Sunglasses & Glasses | Australia's Top Online Optician. Buy designer sunglasses & glasses online. Australia’s most trusted online eyewear store. Free Shipping and 100-day return guarantee. Largest range of designer brands. Ray Ban, Gucci, Carrera, Oakley and more. 
WB Shop offers apparel, collectibles, accessories from Harry Potter, Batman, The Lord of the Rings, movies and TV shows from Warner Archive, and more at WBshop.com!  -- 1 | 2
Art for teenagers and dorm rooms | Wheatpaste Art Collective. Art for teenage girls and guys is often hard to find. We have dorm decals, Greek letters, art prints and giant murals to fit each all personalities.  
Discount Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Perfume, Haircare
Discount Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Perfume, Haircare
Save up to 80% on the best perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos and lots more for a monthly fee of just £8.99. The first month is free and you can unsubscribe at any time 
UK. Discount Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Perfume, Haircare
הנחות ענק על איפור, טיפוח העור, טיפוח השיער ובשמים
Australia's #1 online shopping website! Cheap bargains & discounts with the top online shopping Australia store! From furniture, to toys & hobbies, to appliances & pet supplies -- we've got it all, with free shipping on selected items! 
Contemporary Women's Fashion at Affordable Prices. SheIn is mainly design and produce fashion clothing for women all over the world for about 5 years. Shop for latest women's fashion dresses, tops, bottoms. High Quality with affordable prices.  
Women's Online Clothes Shopping, Fashion Clothing Inspired by the Latest Fashion Trends. Cheap Clothes Shopping Online, Women Online Dress Shopping, Fashion Clothes Online Stores, Cheap Your Inspiration Clothes. Shop online for women's latest fashion clothing :Dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories & more collections with worldwide free shipping. 
Unique products that stimulate the imagination. Shop for apparel, home and office, gadgets, collectibles, and more. Free shipping available! 
Bruiloften & Feesten (Nederlands)
Travel Sized Makeup Right-Sized For Mobile Life. Stowaway offers premium cosmetics that are half the size. TSA approved. Portable eyeshadow palettes, compacts, & lipsticks for modern busy women on the move. 
Women's Fashion Online Clothing & Accessories Store
CANADA. Women's clothing in every size & accessories: dresses, tops, pants & more. Explore our looks in Plus and Petites.  
CANADA, dresses, tops, pant, accessories & more.
IRONMAN Triathlon Gear & Clothing Shop. IRONMAN Triathlon Store: Gear and apparel for triathletes who have crossed the finish line, are still in training or simply a supporter of IRONMAN. Wear it, and wear it proudly. 
Boutique en ligne de vêtements en ligne, vêtements de mode inspirés par les dernières tendances de la mode
Since 2008 we have stocked NZ's largest range of Body Jewellery and Piercing Products online. Free Courier on New Zealand orders over $30.
Looking to Buy Lingerie? Then Ennia Fashion Lingerie Online who specialise in supplying sexy european lingerie, womens underwear and bridal lingerie is your first choice to Buy Lingerie online.  
Apparel & Accessories: Men's Apparel 
Apparel & Accessories: Women's Apparel
Women's Accessories
All shoes
Live Life On The Beach | Women's Fashion Swimsuits & Bikinis
Leather pants, chaps, vests, jackets, for men and women. Manufacturing, designing and selling exclusive leather goods 
Popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers 
Online shopping from the best selection of clothing, apparel, fashion, accessories, shoes, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods & beauty, baby items, silk bedding, silk sleepwear, garden, wedding & just about anything else. 
Shop for jerseys, t-shirts, hats & more from official leagues & brands. Ship FREE to any store or on $50 orders online! LIDS: Any Team, Any Time, Any Where. Hats, Fan Gear, Sports Apparel, Jerseys. MLB; NFL; NBA; NHL; COLLEGE. 
Online Shopping for Dresses, Swimwear, Tops & Women's Fashion
Be the CuteKid of the Year and Win $25,000*  Check out the cutest kids in the world and enter your child's photo for a chance to win! -  Anyone that has a baby or young child will love our photo contests, visit the fastest growing online kids and baby photo contest. Members can submit cute kid their photos and can even access other resources .
 Accesorios para mujer 
 Artículos de segunda mano
GRAN CATÁLOGO DE CALZADO de moda para mujer. Diseño y tradición con yute como material protagonista. -ENVÍOS GRATIS- . Botines, botas, bolsos, sneakers, mocasines, sandalias. Envío Internacional.  
Tienda Online de Zapatos para mujer










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